Capo di Stato
DOC Montello Venegazzu' Superiorie

“Capo di Stato” was born in the historical “100 plants” vineyard, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes, where Montello’s microclimate (North of Venice) gives it a strong personality.
It is a deep wine, hot in color, with intense and charming aroma, rich of wild berries and light spices. A wine with a strong body and stuff, sweet and important tannins, infinite and persuasive on the palate.


The birth of a Cru

When Count Loredan, after several years of production of high quality wines, began to use a mature viticultural estate, in the ’60s he thought about the creation of a special reserve of Venegazzù Red Wine. Thus, the idea of a delicious wine, produced in limited quantities and vintages, was born, and it was soon desired for many special occasions, particularly appreciated in Venice, and then in the whole world. Among its first fans, we have many Heads of State, and in particular the French President Charles de Gaulle: in his honour, it permanently took the name of “Head of State”.


First vintage of Riserva “Capo di Stato” was the 1964.


Venegazzù “Capo di Stato” vintage 1964


Tono Zancanaro 1967

In human history, Wine and Art surely have a sublime relation. In 1967 the famous Italian artist Tono Zancanaro (1906-1985) dedicated two sensual works to the elegant “Reserve” of Count Loredan, which express the double soul, male and female, of grapes becoming wine. A male element and a female element which are united in the same essence. From that time on, “Des Roses pour Madame” and “…pour Monsieur la Bombe” have become the label’s image. Then, over the years, the wine continued to be produced only with the “male” label, reserving the “female” one for very special occasions.


“…et pour Monsieur la Bombe”

“Des Roses pour Madame”

Wine and Art

Wine and Arts have undoubtedly always linked by a sublime relationship… italian artist Roberto Bertazzon has interpreted the hints of our Capo di Stato.