giavera del montello


The Montello area – which applied to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2016 – offers a unique microclimate. Its red soil, clayey and rich in minerals deposited as a result of water erosion of the Alps and the flow into the River Piave of pebbles and other debris, creates an ideal environment for growing vines. The climate is cool and temperate, mitigated by the effect of the Prealps and characterised by regular rainfall, which makes the area a real green lung.


The vineyards we own in the Montello zone are divided up between two holdings: the Venegazzù estate, where the winery was founded and where mainly red grapes are grown, and the estate at Giavera del Montello, devoted primarily to the cultivation of white varieties, and especially Glera.
These are two complementary properties, which allow us to express the diversity of our area. Then there is also the estate of Ronco Blanchis, in the Collio denomination, famous all over the world for its white wines.

vini del territorio


It covers thirty hectares which, on one side, flank the winery, and on the other lie alongside the splendid Villa Spineda Gasparini Loredan, a typical Veneto country house built in the eighteenth century by the architect Francesco Maria Preti. Some of our vineyards were already present in the Napoleonic Maps, in particular Spineda, our Merlot cru: a demonstration of how – even in past centuries – viticulture was the estate’s principal activity.


It consists of thirty hectares under vine, devoted to white varieties used for our four types of sparkling wines and, in particular, the Asolo Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. produced with our Glera grapes from a vineyard that is over forty years old. Old vines which, thanks to the equilibrium they have attained over time, concentrate in their few bunches all of the cultivar’s characteristic aromatic notes.

colline di giavera del montello
uve dei vigneti loredan gasparini


Ronco Blanchìs is the realisation of the dream of Alberto and Lorenzo Palla, who have fallen in love with this area on the border with Slovenia that is ideal for the production of great white wines.
The estate is situated in the commune of Mossa and takes its name from the hamlet of Blanchis, in the heart of the Collio Denomination.
Its 12 hectares of organically grown vineyards lie alongside a similar area of woodland and unspoilt countryside.