This original selection comes from the Monti Vineyard”, a plot added in 1975, situated on the Montello hillside (50KM north of Venice) and in the historic area for Prosecco Superiore DOCG (verified designation of origin guaranteed).
Apart from the distinctive character of the grapes, which originate from old Glera (Prosecco) vines, this vineyard has always produced premium structure wines, which we have opted to enhance through a separate vinification process using the classic method of in-bottle fermentation, with the wine remaining on its yeasts for approx. one year.

Having been produced according to the traditional method with indigenous yeasts, the wine is then bottled in the spring for a second fermentation and a period spent dwelling on its yeasts, which lasts until the following springtime. This slow maturation on its yeasts enhances the natural richness of Asolo Prosecco, highlighting the unique and unmistakable character that makes it stand out among all the other categories of Prosecco.

This Prosecco Extra Brut, which contains only the tiniest amount of residual sugar allows you to enjoy the mineral richness of our Asolo DOCG terroir.