la nostra storia


We are vine growers who are also custodians of the history of the Montello zone, a natural oasis 50 km from Venice, a city that has always had a special relationship with the Treviso hills. The Venetians took the timber from our area to construct their vessels that set sail for distant shores, and it is here that – as long ago as the 16th century – wines were produced that Venice sold at higher prices than the others.


The Montello has always been a zone with a vocation for wine production, to the extent that – as long ago as 1590 – the historian Bonifacius sang its praises in his “Historia Trevigiana”, sustaining that “ “the district of Treviso has forests that are useful for many types of wood and for hunting… These lands produce (…) excellent wines, and the best is that from the Montello Riviera”. Here the wines take on depth and concentration, thanks to clayey soils that are rich in iron and other indispensable minerals for the vines, and which have a typical red colour. The hills rise to an altitude of 370 metres above sea level, and the microclimate combines the thermal excursions deriving from the hilly topography with the influence of the Prealps, which shelter the vineyards from cold winds..

lorenzo e giancarlo palla