Our Origins

In Venegazzù of Volpago del Montello, on the slopes of the Riviera with the same name located in the heart of Marca Trevigiana, extend 60 hectares of the Azienda Agricola Conte Loredan Gasparini. An area historically acclaimed for its quality wine production, so much that in 1590 the historian Bonifacio sang its praises in his “Trevigiana History” sustaining that “the Trevigi countryside has woodlands useful for timber and for hunting… The land produces (…) excellent wines and the most remarkable is the one of the Montello Riviera” which consists of clay earth rich in iron and minerals.

Founded in the 50s by Count Piero Loredan, direct descendant of the Doge of Venice Leonardo Loredan (who chose the territory of “Vignigazzu” to establish his residence in a magnificent Palladian villa), in 1973 the business passed under the property and direction of the present owner, Mr. Giancarlo Palla. From its beginnings the founder planted the company’s tenements vines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbech in order to produce highly esteemed quality wines.

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Count Loredan Gasparini

Behind a great Wine, there is a man and a passion.

A few years after the end of World War II, at the end of the’40s, Count Piero Loredan realized that it would be possible to accomplish an extraordinary success over the Venegazzù land, producing a wine of the highest quality. Certainly this is an extraordinary quality, particularly concerning the land. A land that, until that time, had shown remarkable potential, but it had not found a man with Love for Wine and a Passion for Quality. As a result, in 1951, the first “Red wine of Venegazzù” was born.

Four elements of our Wine

Our TERRITORY: a beautiful natural art work that we respect … using 100% renewable energy.

Our LOVE FOR WINE: that is not rational, coming from the depth of our heart.

Our PASSION FOR QUALITY: that is a rational and continuous energy, searching for the ideal Wine, which does not want to be the expression of an absolute style, being an end in itself, but the product of a unique terroir.

Therefore, a TERROIR which is the synthesis of an infinite interaction between the Environment and us, living beings who inhabit it with our traditions. This is a balance of force and energies which specifically belong to this place, unique and incomparable.

Lorenzo and Giancarlo Palla


Alta Marca Trevigiana

A Splendid Hill Area

“Alta Marca Trevigiana” is the hill area of Treviso territory (50 Km. North of Venice), and it includes ASOLO and MONTELLO. MONTELLO is a hill elevation, of elliptical shape, 13 km long and 5 km wide, constituted by red earth which covers conglomerates of calcareous cobblestones, porphyry and granite kneaded with clay, which is rubble coming from Piave river and the Alps erosion. The highest point is situated 371 metres above sea level. The total extension of the Montello area is about 6000 hectares, divided in 5 different town districts: Crocetta del Montello, Giavera del Montello, Montebelluna, Nervesa della Battaglia and Volpago del Montello.

History of the Land

For several milleniums, Montello is a transit and hunting area, more than a place of lasting human settlements. Recently, in a district of Nervesa della Battaglia, an ancient human settlement was identified, established by the Neanderthal in the Middle Paleolithic Age. It is possible to attribute to the ending of the Mesolithic Age, with the growth of an oak tree forest in this area, several findings of settlements related to the Homo Sapiens, which acquired stability during the Neolithic Age. During the Paleovenetian age, when a very important centre was developed in the Montebelluna area, this land was characterized by migration movements.

In the Roman Age, the signs of the Northern centuriation of Treviso arrived on Montello slopes. During all this time, the wood remained intact, and maybe it was considered a holy place. Only since the Medieval Age we have the first significant settlements over the hill, all of religious character: among them, we find the Abbey of Saint Eustachio, which is situated in Nervesa della Battaglia.

In 1388 the Republic of San Marco bounded its own history to Montello, and in 1471 it declared its forest of oak trees an exclusive resource for dockyard and naval development. The villa at the foot of our Giavera Estate, constitutes the office of the “Provveditoria (Agency) of Montello’s wood”.

In 1797, with the falling of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, the wood began to suffer the first damages, with inappropriate deforestations and fires. In 1811, the Napoleonic government of the Italic Kingdom declared Montello as a State property, and the Habsburg Empire divided the area in 20 “Prese”.

With the instauration of the Kingdom of Italy, there was the promulgation of Bertolini’s Law, in 1892, that divided Montello in plots, trying to exploit the land for agriculture, but failing to achieve an actual development for the area due to the fact that its nature was lacking water and far from important markets.

Estate of Venegazzù

This is the place where the company was born. Surrounded by vineyards, the splendid palladian Villa Spineda rises with its beauty and majesty, a XVIII century work of the architect F.M. Preti. Beside this, we find the farmhouse with the winery: also this one is placed in an extraordinarily beautiful scenario. The 47 hectares which surround the buildings are mainly cultivated with red grapes, of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec varietals.

Giavera Estate

Situated upon the hillslopes (between 150 and 200 metres a.s.l.) of Montello, which invite one, with their shapes, to contemplate the splendid panorama of the Estate which dominates the plain of Marca Trevigiana. At the foot of the Estate, there is the Villa that was office of the “Provveditoria of Montello wood”, during the times of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The company works over 23 hectares, almost totally dedicated to Prosecco Superiore of the DOCG ASOLO.


The flagships of Loredan Gasparini are the two blends (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec) which they have become true and distinctive symbols of the international oenology.

Just think, for example, that the famous Treccani Encyclopaedia, pillar of Italian knowledge, has purposefully identified under the subject “Venegazzù’ the name of “… a venerable red table wine produced in limited quantities in the area of Venegazzù…”. Hence, a real and true cru.

Moreover the company’s leading wine, the famous “Capo di Stato”, has been included in a French publication entitled “100 vins de légende” as one of the 100 wines in the world that, for its history and venerable quality, can be unanimously considered as legendary. The company’s whites are also glorious, worthly placed besides a Prosecco Superiore, coming directly from the vineyards of the ASOLO DOCG area, with its distinguished body and notorious quality.


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